My Lasers

Both of my Laser cutters come from Just Add Sharks, this is largely because we run the company but we always swore that we would only import machines that we would be happy to use ourselves. Having these machines close to hand and using them all day long means that I often discover potential issues before our customers do.

Whitetooth A1 Laser Cutter

This is my main machine that I use for most of my cutting, with the larger cutting area and the 80W tube this machine is capable of cutting 8 kits in the same time as my first machine could cut one. It really helped increase my productivity.

This is much more of a development machine for me. The first modification I did was to downgrade the 40W tube to a 30W tube. This removes the power bulge from the side and makes it fit neatly into the boot of my car. On this machine I can experiment with things like the mitred cuts and replacing the controller and I'll always have one working machine.  

CW5200 Chiller

I have a CW5200 chiller nestled between the 2 laser cutters. It's a dual output chiller capable of cooling 2x 80W tubes at the same time so it's more than capable of handling my two tubes.